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Symfony user provider

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Symfony user provider

Symfony 4.4 Multiple firewalls security for multiple providers 18th September 2020 security , symfony4 I have two firewalls, for users and soumissionaire.The author selected Software in the Public Interest Inc to receive a donation as part of the Write for DOnations program.. Introduction. Symfony is an open-source PHP framework with an elegant structure and a reputation for being a suitable framework to kick-start any project irrespective of its size. As a set of reusable components, its flexibility, architecture, and high performance make it ...

All about User Providers (Symfony 4.1 Docs), All about User Providers: Each User class in your app will usually need its own “ user provider”: a class that has two jobs: Reload the User from the Session At Security User Providers¶ User providers are PHP classes related to Symfony Security that have two jobs: Reload the User from the ... for usage stable version silex your need used security jwt service provider version in 1.* for usage silex 2.0 version or not stable master your need usage version 2.* Installation. composer require cnam/security-jwt-service-provider:1.* Or add your composer.json. require "cnam/security-jwt-service-provider":"1.*" Simple example Initialise ...

Refreshes the user. It is up to the implementation to decide if the user data should be totally reloaded (e.g. from the database), or if the UserInterface object can just be merged into some internal array of users / identity map.